Munising Falls

Munising Falls

Munising Falls is one of the easiest falls to access in the Upper Peninsula and one of the most beautiful. As you can see in the photos the path to the falls is paved, making for an easy walk to the viewing area at the base of the falls. The walk into the falls is as picturesque as the falls itself. The coble stone retaining walls along the creek and path are unlike anything I’ve seen before and if you go in the early summer there are flowers everywhere.

There are staircases that go up both sides of the ravine giving you a closer looking at the Munising Falls as well as an opportunity to investigate the sandstone walls that surround the falls. The staircase to the right of the trail facing the falls is a much more difficult climb than the staircase leading to the left. Both provide a great view of the falls. If you want to photograph the falls I would expect that lighting would be best in the early morning.

Directions to Munising Falls

Locating the Munising Falls is very simple. When you come into Munising on M28 from either direction you will only come to one red light. The Dog Patch is right on the corner so you can’t miss it. At the light, you will have the option of continuing on M28 or turning out to H58. Turn on H58 and head east along Munising bay. You will come to a noticeable y in the road. Take the road to the left, Sand Point Rd., and continue for approximately two miles. You will see the sign for the falls on the right. There is ample parking with a section of parking for campers and RV’s.

The National Parks has a small information center and restrooms on site. If the restrooms are closed there are vaulted facilities available a short distance up the road at Sand Point beach. This is another destination you may wish to explore while you are in the area.

GPS Coordinates: 46°25’25” N 86°37’27” W

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Munising Falls


46°25’25” N

86°37’27” W