Morgan Falls – Unnamed Falls

Morgan Falls – Unnamed Falls

There is some argument as to whether these are named “Morgan Falls” or “Unnamed Falls”. As you can see from the sign these groups have opted for “Unnamed Morgan Falls”. Works for me!
To get to Morgan falls from Marquette you must head so

uth on M553 until you can see the ski slopes at Marquette Mountain. It’s only about 1-2 miles. The road you are looking for is Marquette Mountain Road, but there isn’t a sign. The road is on the right and looks like an old railroad grade at first. It is the last road on the right before the ski slopes. If you come to the ski lodge you’ve gone too far.

The falls are about 1.5 miles in and the road can be quite rough. We drove until we hit a large mud hole then parked. We walked for about 15 minutes before we reached the trail to the falls. The trail leads to the left beginning with a stairwell which directs you down the slope.
The falls are quite beautiful, but to get a full view you must cross Morgan Creek. A few logs have been laid across the creek for this purpose, but be careful. They can be slick and it is a steep climb back to the road should you injure yourself.
The GPS coordinates for Marquette Mt. Rd. are 46.510598, -87.415049 and the GPS coordinates for Morgan Falls are 46.505354, -87.437864 .

Map of Morgan Falls

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Morgan Falls