Little Garlic Falls

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Little Garlic Falls are composed of a set of small drops along the Little Garlic River. The falls themselves are less than 15’ in height, but beautiful none the less. The hike to the falls takes you along the North Country Trail either from MC 550 or one can shorten the trek by parking on Little Garlic Road which follows the river. On the day we were there we choose to do the latter.

The hike to the falls is moderately difficult. The falls are 1.1 miles from the head of the trail at Little Garlic Road of 3.8 miles from the Elliott Donnelley Wilderness Tract parking. You meander through a variety of woodland types and traverse a couple of small rock outcrops along the way. There is a single use campsite along the trail complete with latrine which we found intriguing.

There are many hiking trails and waterfalls in the area so this is an ideal spot to get lost for the day!

Directions to Little Garlic Falls

Coming from Marquette you will travel approximately 11 miles north on MC 550 heading toward Big Bay. You can either park at the parking lot on 550 or you can travel west on Little Garlic Road to the parking at the North Country Trail crossing. When you reach the campsite along the trail keep to the right and follow the trail up to the falls. It’s only 100 yards or so.

Little Garlic Falls


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