Carp River Falls


46°30’38” N 

87°24’54” W

Carp River Falls

Direction to Carp River Falls

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The Carp River Falls is located just a short jaunt upstream of the intersection of Morgan Creek and the Carp River in the Marquette Mountain area. Now for those of you that don’t speak Yooper a “short jaunt” could mean a half mile or fifty miles depending on who you are conversing with, but in this case, I would estimate it at less than a half mile.
To get to the Carp River Falls you must take Marquette Mountain road west from highway M553. This road is not for the faint of heart and is not always passable, but even in wet weather, you should be able to drive at least half of the 1.5 miles or so into the falls. When I was there today there was a car almost all the way in, which I found more than amazing. If you can’t drive all the way in, it is not a bad hike.

Pictures of the Carp River Falls

As you proceed down the road you will see a stairwell to the left leading down to Morgan Falls (or Unnamed Falls), keep going and a few hundred yards up the road you will a sand bank on the north side of the road. Just past this, you will see the aqueduct heading through the woods to your left. Follow the aqueduct across Morgan Creek and up the hill. When you crest the hill you will begin to hear the falls. Watch for a trail leading to left leading down to the river. The last 40’ down to the falls is a steep descent so be careful. I actually found a swale that led down to the river just before the trail. It was a much easier walk down.

Another way to get to the Carp River Falls is to hike down to the Morgan Falls then follow the Carp River up to the falls. I spoke with a young couple today who said that the walk was fairly easy. Plus you get to check two waterfalls off you list in one trip.

This is a fairly remote area so as always be careful and let someone know where you are going to be.