Canyon Falls

Canyon Falls

The Sturgeon River’s Canyon Falls are located in what many call Michigan’s Grand Canyon. We were there during a lower water period in September and they were still amazing. There are many drops in this portion of the Sturgeon River so I can only think that the river would be a sight to see during high flows. The main falls, which are often referred to as the lower falls, can be found at the end of the Canyon Falls Trail. The trail is well marked and there are several portions of the trail that are comprised of wooden walkways. In all, it’s about a one-mile hike into the falls and it is well worth the effort.

The Canyon Falls are approximately 30′ in width and drop about 15′. From this point, the river enters a canyon, which by all accounts holds many wonders. The Canyon Falls trail ends at the falls, but there are unmaintained trails that continue for those who wish to venture on. Looking at the satellite view of the gorge there appears to be rapids below the falls that could be of interest. I know that I will be returning with a fishing pole in hand as I understand the river holds a decent Trout population.

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Directions to Canyon Falls

To visit Canyon Falls travel approximately 10 miles south of L’Anse on US 41. You will enter the Canyon Falls Roadside Park on your right, there is ample signage, and from there you will take the trail at the end of the park. Everything is well marked and there several picnic areas complete with grills and picnic tables should you choose to pack a meal. The trail to falls provides many photo opportunities so be sure to pack your camera.

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Canyon Falls