Au Train Falls

Au Train Falls

The Au Train Falls are located on the Au Train River just south of the Cleveland Cliffs basin on M94. The Upper Falls drop about 40’ and the lower falls around 10’. In dry years the falls are just a trickle, but as you can see from the pictures this spring they were flowing hard.

The easiest way to get to Au Train Falls is by taking Au Train Forest Lake Road north from M94. If you’re looking on the map you’ll find this road between M28 and Munising and Chatham to the West.

When you turn south the first road to your right will take you down to the falls. There is signage making it easy to find. There’s parking at the first turn for the upper falls and parking at the end for the lower. The walk down to the upper falls can be a bit slick so watch your footing. The lower falls are easily accessed by walking past the gate and down the gravel road.

A note for those that are interested in fishing the Au Train River below the falls. I have caught a few Trout below the powerhouse and I hear that there is a run of salmon that make their way through Au Train Lake and up to the falls. I will have to experience that later, but this a beautiful spot so maybe I’ll have an update this fall.

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Au Train Falls