Take a Peek at The Sand Point Lighthouse in Escanaba, Michigan

Take a Peek at The Sand Point Lighthouse in Escanaba, Michigan

Sitting on the northern shore on Lake Michigan, Sand Point Lighthouse directed ships from 1868 to 1939. First constructed in 1867, John Terry was the first person to be lighthouse keeper, but passed away in April 1868, a month before it was supposed to shine in May 1868. After John Terry’s death, his wife Mary Terry was appointed to be the new lighthouse keeper. Mary was the keeper for 18 years and the first woman to be a lighthouse keeper, following her death by a mysterious fire. After her death, there were seven other lightkeepers to look over the water until the lighthouse was not needed any longer. In 1913, the kerosene lamp was taken out due to the lighthouse being hooked up to the city’s electric supply. The year of 1986 is when the Delta County Historical Association had bought the land before the US Coast Guard, for a 30-year lease, abandoned it.

Since 1990, the Sand Point Lighthouse has been open to the public to show how it was back in the 19th century. If you are planning to take a trip to Escanaba, Michigan and want to see the beautiful Sand Point Lighthouse, it is open to the public between Memorial Day Weekend to September 1st. In the lighthouse, you will see how the light keeps lived and you will be able to go into the light tower and see out into Lake Michigan.

Stepping into the Sand Point Lighthouse, you think you are stepping back in time when the lightkeepers were still active there. The Delta County Historical Society had re-furnished everything in the lighthouse to make it seem like you are stepping back into that time period, and let people have the feel like they were there back then.

Out in the waters and to the left of the lighthouse, you will see a green buoy that is the location of where the shipwreck of the steamer Nahant. You can see artifacts from the shipwreck inside of the lighthouse. Sitting behind the Sand Point Lighthouse, there is a US Coast Guard Museum that has many different artifacts that can be seen, from old photographs to many different items.

From there, you can see the historical boathouse that was originally at Squaw Point Light in 1914. The boathouse was used for the Sand Point Lighthouse keeper, since then it has been restored to when it was first built in 1897.

With its beautiful scenery of Lake Michigan, stepping back in time, the artifacts, visiting the Sand Point Lighthouse is necessary when you are visiting Escanaba, Michigan. You will be stepping back in time when light keepers kept the ships and the people safe on board so they would not hit treacherous rocks or land.

 Sand Point Lighthouse РContact Information

Contact the Delta  County Historical Society for times and dates that the Sand Point Lighthouse will be open to the public.

Phone: (906) 789-6790

Email: [email protected]

Sand Point Lighthouse – Directions

16 Water Plant Rd, Escanaba, MI 49829

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