The Big Bay Lighthouse

The Big Bay Lighthouse

In all of my years roaming around the Upper Peninsula, I had never been to Big Bay. We decided yesterday, to take a run up there. Our intention was to hike to several waterfalls along the way, but it seemed that every stream and river crossing was undergoing bridge construction (but this is a good thing!) so we continued on our way, up to Big Bay, and found the Big Bay Lighthouse.

As we drove through, we noticed a sign for the lighthouse and we decided to venture in that direction. The drive into the Big Bay Lighthouse was beautiful. First, you drive under a canopy of hardwood trees, which makes up a good portion of the journey. Then, the path is well marked by signs that point you in the direction of the lighthouse, making the trip easier.

We didn’t realize that the lighthouse was also a functioning bed and breakfast until we arrived in the driveway. This has been noted; for future trips. Until you stand at the front of the lighthouse, you can’t realize how massive these types of structures are. They are really quite impressive. The fact that this lighthouse is currently being restored and preserved is also impressive.


I won’t supply all the details here since I’m sure the owners of the lighthouse can do a much better job of supplying you with its historical relevance. Needless to say, if you are in Big Bay, visiting the Big Bay Lighthouse is a must! The grounds are open to visitors during the day, so take a drive and admire the scenery. The views of Lake Superior are second to none, and the grounds are amazingly well kept. The Big Bay Light house is also a part of the National Register of Historical Places, for those who wish to add another site to their “I’ve been there!” list.

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Directions to the Big Bay Lighthouse

The lighthouse is actually quite easy to find. Drive north on 550 from Marquette, Michigan, until you reach Big Bay. As you travel through town, you will notice the Thunder Bay Inn on your left. Just past the Inn, you will come to a road on the right with a sign for the “Health Camp” and the “Lighthouse”. Turn there and continue to follow the signs to the lighthouse.


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